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  • What Makes Pharmacy Education at Indore Institute Stand Apart from Others

    Pharmacy Education is one of the fastest growing professions in the first world nations like the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. However, in recent years, it is experiencing significant growth and expansion in India as well. Employment of pharmacists is projected to grow about 6 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Demand is expected to upsurge for pharmacists in various healthcare settings, which also include hospitals and clinics. The role of a pharmacist is developing rapidly to meet the needs of modern healthcare systems.

    There are new trends and innovations emerging in the field of pharmacy education that are setting higher expectations from the next-generation aspirants. What the 21st-century pharmacy professionals require the most is a strong foundation of deep domain know-how and practical understanding that strengthens their knowledge anchorage right from commencement. To that end, the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, one among the finest pharmacy colleges in Indore, MP, offers an excellent platform to students to make the most out of their academic journey in the field of Pharmacy education.

    Well-Updated Lab Facilities

    The Indore Institute is known for offering the best lab culture and facilities to students for years. Pharmacy education is one of the fields that literally demands experiential learning and practical research work. Hence, we ensure that our students are not deprived of these necessities and requirements. Our laboratories are equipped with high-quality equipment and technologies to help students gain deep insights into the core roles and responsibilities that would likely take up in their future jobs. We also encourage team projects, group experiments, faculty and student discussion and study sessions, and interactive learning, all of which form a significant part of our curriculum.

    Industry-Experienced Faculty Shaping Futuristic Minds

    We, at IIP, have roped in a highly experienced faculty team, who has been contributing significantly in the holistic development of our valued students. We are extremely particular and selective about who we include in our faculty team as we believe it is the mentors who actually guide the students to the path of success. Most of our faculty members are researchers themselves, and they all are highly passionate about passing on their valuable insights, skills, and proficiencies to the young minds.

    High industry exposure and placement facilities

    Another aspect that we, at the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, dedicatedly focus on is bestowing our students with the right industry exposure. The field of medicines is at a constant rise, and the landscape is getting more and more competitive with the rolling of time. We, at IIP, thus do not leave any stones unturned when it comes to helping our students get noted by the top pharmaceutical organizations and recruiters in the nation. We have a highly active placement cell that dedicatedly works to strengthen the industry-academia partnerships and networks every day so as to bring to our graduates the best of job opportunities from leading industry players.

    Apart from the said, we, at the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, follow an entirely unique approach when it comes to imparting education to our students. We have always strived to maintain education impartation at our institute at par with global standards. Hence apart from delivering our students with the highest standards of academic education, we also lay special emphasis on crucial areas like soft skills, professional etiquettes, and overall personality development of our students. Indore Institute, as one of the top-ranked, PCI approved pharmacy colleges in Indore, have always worked towards effectively grooming and shaping the young minds to help them propel into the future. If you are planning on igniting your passion and carve an avenue to a successful career in Pharmacy arena, the Indore Institute can provide you with an ideal platform to set sail to your dreams and aspirations.

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