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Sl No Patent Application No. Status (Published/Granted) Title of the patent Applicants Name Date of Filing Assignee’s Affiliating Institute
1 201211020408 A Published Phytochemical screening, antimicrobial, and antioxidant free radical scavenging activity of Orthosiphon Pallidus Dr. Ritesh Patel 05/04/2022 Indore Institute of Pharmacy
2 Published Synthesis of Chalcone, its cyclic derivatives of isoxazole and pyrazole, and evaluation of antiobesity activity Mr. Ritesh Patel 27/06/2022 Indore Institute of Pharmacy
3 202221015019A Published Microwave mediated synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation of novel substituted S-triazine derivatives Mr. Ritesh Patel 08/04/2022 Indore Institute of Pharmacy
4 202121017236 A Published Process for Fabrication of Laboratory scale microneedles Dr. Dinesh Kumar Mishra

Dr. Pankaj V. Dixit

13/04/2021 Indore Institute of Pharmacy
5 202121009047 A Published Apparatus and Method for studying absorption kinetics of chemicals across everted intestine pieces of laboratory animals Dr. Pankaj V. Dixit & 

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Mishra

02/04/2021 Indore Institute of Pharmacy
6 202121041523 Published Evaluation of acute toxicity profile, biochemical parameters, antihyperglycemic activity, Mukia madarspatana in animal model Dr. Pritesh Paliwal & Mr. Darshan Jamindar 15/09/2021 Indore Institute of Pharmacy