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  • The Importance of Internships for Management Students

    • February 15, 2019
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    Business education, as one of the most versatile and multifaceted subject areas, necessitates maximum exposure to realistic acumen and skillsets in today’s time. Moreover, the subject of management education has undergone significant advancement with the rolling of the years and recruiters are consistently setting higher expectations from management graduates. Apart from solely focusing on academic areas, business management institutions are imposing utmost attention to several real-world outlying practices that would enhance the academic knowledge area of management students and add an edge to their skillsets. Experiential learning practices like practicums, industry visits, workshops play a major role in business management degree programs nowadays. This article is going to elaborate on the sheer value that internships add to business management programs.

    Basically, an internship is an official program that is often conducted by recruiters for potential employees. The idea of internship has evolved in modern times. Unlike earlier times, an intern can now work part-time or full-time at an organization for a certain period of time. The opportunities of internship have increased significantly and are becoming a prominent part of business management programs. There are new categories of internships that are being offered by employers in the field of business nowadays. Product marketing internship, Business management internship, Sales and marketing internship, Management consulting internship, Business consulting internship, Business development internship, etc. are some of the popular types of internships that are conducted by today’s recruiters. Here, in this article below, let us have a look at some of the key benefits of internship programs with respect to the professional outlook of students:

    Help to boost your marketability

    Internships act as an excellent advantage when it comes to gaining the attention of recruiters. Management recruiters often prefer professionals who can handle more and complex responsibilities with lesser training. By bridging the skill gaps of business management students, an internship opens pathways for students to more advanced job opportunities in established organizations with lucrative salary prospects.

    Aid you to grow into a confident management professional

    Internships allow you to explore beyond attaining credits, grades, and money. Internships allow you to examine new situations, work techniques, problem-solving tactics, that you would never get to unleash in a closed classroom space. Instead of learning these aspects the harder way at your first workplace, internships offer you a smarter way to master these skills and utilize them in your future career with utmost conviction.

    Enable you to gain valuable work experiences

    Hands-on work experience is one of the foremost qualities that management recruiters look for in prospective employees, and management aspirants can attain the same through internships. As an intern, one can observe firsthand the day-to-day job duties that they can closely expect to encounter in their respective work fields in the long run. Other than that, internships provide the young,ambitious minds with the opportunity to brush on their core skills like teamwork, communication, technical proficiency, and more.

    Helps you to master the art of business networking

    Networking is a vital prerequisite if you actually plan to thrive in the field of business management. It is, in fact, the primary language that every successful business leader speaks in the twenty-first century. As a management aspirant, you can already guess the level of importance it holds in your future career. As an intern, you will be surrounded by real-world executives and professionals, and you will be bestowed with the opportunity to dedicatedly attain valuable learnings from these acquaintances and seniors. You never know if the personalities you meet during your internship can turn out to be one of your future co-workers or your very first connection on your first job.

    Today’s management pedagogy significantly banks on internship programs as this is one of the finest ways via which students can gain actual industry experience. Among the various newer and smarter ways to equip management students with the real-world skills and highly practical insights, internships turn out to be the most effective when it comes to helping the students mature their existing proficiencies and lead ahead of time.This is the key reason why we, at the Indore Institute of Management and Research (IIMR), present our students with a strong learning foundation build on the concept of internships, based on which they can prepare themselves as leaders of tomorrow. With advanced learning facilities and dynamic teaching pedagogies, we aim to successfully transform the theoretical business acumen of our students into actual skills and proficiencies.

    At IIMR, one of the Top Management Colleges in M.P.,we believe in teaching trends that expand beyond classroom education, and our active placement and training cell adds an edge to our efforts. We constantly and dedicatedly strive towards establishing corporate connections for our students and bring new and better opportunities within their reach. Apart from the said, our highly esteemed and dedicated faculty group certainly deserves a mention here, who put in their wholehearted efforts to make the program of business management at the Indore Institute an even more valuable experience for our students. We gladly welcome talents with high aspirations and hopes to our prestigious campus and give an entirely new recognition to their future endeavors.

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