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  • Quality Assurance – A Lucrative Career for Pharma Students

    Pharmacy is a domain that can be termed as the backbone of the healthcare industry. The cure and treatment of any aliment primarily depend on the proper administration of good quality medications. Since we all know that the drugs used in the healthcare domain are chiefly the outcomes of chemical elements, maintaining standards and quality is of paramount importance. Any drug made with inappropriate or misappropriated administration of chemicals can be harmful for the users, and might even become taxing to life as well. Hence, quality assurance stands as one of the most important subdomains under the studies of pharmacy that has drawn the attention of many these days. One of the keyelements of pharmacy studies, quality assurance is now regarded as a mean to achieve a lucrative career with its overwhelming progress and demand in the global market. Here are some facts related to the quality assurance domain of pharmacy that ensure the credibility of the field as one of the most promising ones for the graduates of pharmacy:

    Market Relevance

    Any stream is as good as its market relevance. If a specific field of study has enough prospect in terms of the evolving markets, a student can opt for the same blindfolded. Quality assurance in pharmacy has become a field that caters to the basic requirement of the industry that it serves, the healthcare industry. After the thalidomide disaster in the year 1957, the pharmaceutical industry grew more conscious about the rules and regulations associated with it to ensure no leakages in the system. The good manufacturing practices for drugs have now become a mandate for the market to follow under the systematic, sustainable, and scientific approach adopted through the SOPs. Under such a conscious environment, it is evident that a stream like quality assurance finds its relevance, especially when the market at large is coming up with more demands in the future for perfectly trained and expert quality assurance personnel making the field a golden cradle for all the aspirants.

    The Division of Labor leading to Perfection

    It is said that when a particular work gets divided among multiple people who are experts at managing the same, the job done is always perfect and faster. Same has been the concept for the pharmaceutical industry recently to ensure productivity and an enhanced efficiency at every level. The division of labor between the departments like quality control, quality assurance, and others in the pharmaceutical industry has made the entire operations more cohesive and efficient. If every department does its job properly, the summative results are sure to be perfect as well. This strategic segregation has played a critical role in enhancing the demand for experts in the quality assurance field. If you have plans in place for pursuing your career in pharma, this is the right time to plug into the quality assurance domain with an expected boom in recent years in the market.

    Data Handling and Management

    There is always a data bank associated with the maintenance of the records related to the drug manufacturing, batch release, and certification in every pharma company. To keep up with the tracks in time, the quality assurance department helps in making comprehensive data tables to cater to the overall requirement of the organizations. This department also manages the data and assists in finding a strategic solution to any problem arising out of these problems. Every single product gets checked for accuracy, standard maintenance, and quality to ensure a flawless healthcare system with maximum benefits entitled to the consumers. For organizations handling massive productions, this decentralized process of quality verification is much helpful and time-saving for which the big corporations in the pharmaceutical domain, keep on looking for skilled and well-educated pharma graduates.

    Quality assurance is a domain that has been always offering a huge potential to the professionals to grow and succeed. To that end, we, at the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, one among the best PCI approved pharmacy colleges in Indore, have maintained a comprehensive pattern of learning to ensure that each of our pharma students gets delivered with a perfect blend of industry-relevant knowledge and practical exposure. With our learned pool of faculties and excellent infrastructural facilities, we make sure that every student gets selected through the campus interviews with well-paid jobs in their bags. We believe in knowledge with relevance, and this is the reason why we, at Indore Institute, have alwaysprepared our students in such a way that they have the skills, knowledge, as well as hands-on know-how, to make their mark in any domain they choose to work in.

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