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  • Key Skills that Employers Look for in Management Graduates

    • February 18, 2019
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    Management without any doubt offers a promising career and is a popular choice for students at large. Any successful graduate with good grades would be more than just interested in pursuing a career in management for a secure future. Management studies also give the student ample opportunity to explore and understand the grass root operations of any firm making them experienced enough. Successful completion of a degree in management must be followed by productive employment. While recruiting there are some parameters that the recruiters look for in the future managers for their firm. We shall discuss the primary factors that play crucial in the selection process of the management candidates during industry hiring.

    Ability to Adjust Among Diverse People and Cultures

    When it comes to management, it obviously means handling a bunch of people belonging to one or more departments. It is inevitable that as the set of employees under a person increases,it brings with it diversity in nature, attitude, the way of working, and level of commitment to the organization. A manager is said to be capable and efficient if he or she can manage in diverse environments and with varied people with equal efficiency. The recruiters in any interview surely look forward to people who know how to deal with different people without raising any internal annoyance. A manager should have the capacity to manage, control, and monitor the entire employee base working under him/her justifying the role of a people manager.

    Ability to Manage Time

    It is of paramount importance that a manager is capable of segregating, allocating, and monitoring the entire team working under him/her so that the job gets done within the stipulated time frame. Any spill is considered as negative to the skill parameters of the manager. Recruiters hence specifically consider the time management skills as one of the key parameters while assessing a person during the selection process for a management role. They evaluate of the candidate is able to prioritize works based on the urgency or not.

    Digital Marketing Skills

    Digital marketing and social media play a crucial role these days while determining the fate of a business. Hence, having a market specific knowledge of the digital marketing part of the business is crucial while getting screened for a management post. Any aspirant would be expected to know the pros and cons associated with the impacts that the digital marketing platforms bring about to any business. A manager is expected to be responsible for managing and contributing to the overall growth of a business. This ability of a manager to be able to successfully contribute to a business in the current times largely depends on his/her digital marketing skills.

    Ability to Network with People

    As would be accepted by all, networking is one of the key factors these days that play a critical role in the growth of any business house. Including more people into your circle means making further options to spread business opportunities. A manager is expected to have good PR skills that are integral to building a good network in his or her social and professional sphere. Interpersonal skills are also required for sustenance and expansion of this network in the future.

    Problem Solving Skills

    While handling one or more departments at a time or handling hundreds of people together, problems would be common. Hence, when a manager is assessed on skill parameters, his or her ability to solve a complex situation is always counted as a positive. There could be problems arising out of operational difficulties, human resources, or technical faults. Whatever it may have been, a manager must know the way out of it so that it does not affect productivity ensuring the smooth running of the business. Recruiters always look forward to people who can keep their calm at the time of emergency and look for an efficient solution out of it.

    A Strong Blend of Leadership Skills and Communication Skills

    A good orator is sure to be a good leader. A person with the ability to convince a crowd listening to him or her is a good leader without any dispute. Thus while facing an interview for management selection, be aware that your leadership quality and communicative skills will be judged stringently and critically by the employers.

    We at the Indore Institute of Management and Research (IIMR), recognized as one of the Best MBA Colleges in Madhya Pradesh, have designed our syllabus and curriculum for the management program in such a way that it focuses on the overall personality development of the students. Hence, we ensure that no gaps are left unattended between the expectations of an employer and the performance of the aspirant. We, at IIMR, leave no stones unturned when it comes to paving the path for a great and successful career for our students.

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