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  • Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic: Tech Sector

    Its been almost 4 months since the first arrival of Novel coronavirus on the Chinese soil. There are many theories revolving around us about how this virus originated, did it mutate from some other virus, or was it purposefully manufactured in some lab in Wuhan city and letter released so that some political purpose is fulfilled, or was it accidently released? None of the above possibilities can be overlooked at this time due to inconclusive evidences available.

    Various theories about mitigating of virus in summer have also decimated as we can see in India the temperature is already touching the higher 40s but cases have also started rising exponentially primary due to speedy testing.

    Changes in lifestyle:

    One thing which is very clear from the COVID-19 pandemic is we have to change the fundamental lifestyle behaviour. And that takes us to analyse what can be the positive impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the changes are already in practice like avoiding handshakes and kissing while greeting which is replaced by our own Namaste, not sneezing and coughing onto our hands but on our sleeves, using face masks while on the go etc. These practices already are being locked in, especially for children who haven’t yet fashioned these bad behaviours.

    The workplaces of nowadays, if they may be to stay, will want massive adjustments to be made safe for personnel: automatic doorways so employees do not ought to contact handles; greater privacy (isolation) in toilets and other areas wherein humans congregate.The most inexpensive and simplest direction could be to go to competitive work from home strategy. But that can be done to very few areas only like IT sector.

    Impact on Tech sector:

    Education sector remains one the most challenging area where till date there is not a viable substitute of the classroom teachings. Also,they generally tend to group masses of students in what can turn out to be virus incubation centres.Whereas current situation has been a boon to the online learning and distance education sector but still practical performed at the laboratory can’t be done on the online learning platform specially for the non-IT areas. For this government and institutions have to invest heavily on AI and ML. These technologies have the possibilities to convert completely the classroom teaching into an online one. Then professors will have the prime task of only solving the doubts on the video conferencing and then they can finally devote their time on the research on the cutting-edge technologies.

    According to me online buying and home delivery of items even to the villages will accelerate in order that human beings do not have to visit large shops to store. Restaurants/ hospitality sector will possibly have to change its working style too, and there must be a big push for robot food production. We are going to get frightened by just the thought of someone who is probably ill preparing their food. The travel sector specially needs a big change especially public transport in India like Rail and Bus, as they are overburdened and carry humans like animals. Now this has to change. We also have to travel less; seating arrangement has to be less dense and possibly travel charges will go up.

    Waiting for a better tomorrow:

    This pandemic has forced us to hit the pause button and think what are our priorities and restart our life like we once wanted.  We should not waste a crisis and can use this time to innovate something which can make life of human being much safer and healthier than today. We may not get another chance like this in our lifetime (hoping for a much better and healthier tomorrow) to make life changing step.

    Prof. Rupesh Kumar Dutta

    Department of ECE

    Indore Institute of Science and Technology Indore

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