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  • Growing Career Opportunities in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

    • May 22, 2018
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    The world is always going to need advanced medicines and related equipment along with the skilled talent to meet the ever-increasing demand.  This makes Pharmaceutical industry an exciting pathway for the young students looking to venture into the medical industry. With the progress in science and medical technology, the industry has shown rapid strides in development with a high number of career opportunities being created in the past few years. The huge number of jobs in this industry makes it an ideal career choice for the individuals looking to work in challenging environs with a constant scope of innovation, improvement, and growth. These jobs are not just lucrative because they are high paying but also as the working professionals get to maintain a healthy work-life balance along with flexibility in working hours. The employees working in this industry also get added benefits like loans, medical insurances, and retirement plans.

    One of the most significant advantages of working in the pharmaceutical industry is the job satisfaction that comes with it. You are an integral part of the development and distribution of new technologies and drugs that can benefit millions of people all over the world. Not every industry can boast of making a positive change in people’s lives. However, when you are part of the pharmaceutical industry, part of your job is saving lives and helping people through medical advancements and better medicines. These jobs show you the way to partake in bringing positive changes in the healthcare scenario of the country outside that of a typical hospital setting. Some of the foremost career options coming up in this sector are as follows:

    Quality Manager

    The final product of the pharmaceutical industry is intrinsically related to the overall wellbeing of the public, and thus close attention to detail is of prime significance. The role of a quality manager is of utmost importance as he/she is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the products are up to the required standards by resolving issues through investigation. The key duties of this job involve delivering reports, implementation of safety procedures for testing, managing records, and maintaining the quality of products.

    Project Manager

    The work of a project manager varies from one industry to the other, and in the pharmaceutical world, he/she is the one responsible for supervising the development of new medicines and equipment. The job involves working closely with doctors, chemical engineers, and clinical researchers to make sure that both the budget and the time are not overstepped. The key task of a project manager in a pharmaceutical industry is primarily to ensure that highest level of efficiency is maintained in the proceedings while being in compliance with the protocols.

    Regulatory Officer

    This is one of the most critical desk-based jobs in the pharmaceutical industry as a Regulatory Affairs Officer is entrusted with a number of crucial duties. The duties include advising the manufacturers and scientists on regulatory requirements, handling regulatory inspections, keeping up with the laws of the country the company is based in and the countries it is exporting to, and maintaining the necessary dialogue with regulatory authorities.

    R&D Manager

    You can pursue research and development related jobs in the pharmaceutical sector if you love learning and exploring new topics. This role involves project and personnel administration, research management, and handling a bulk of data on a daily basis. It the right job for you if you are someone who enjoys the process of brainstorming for new and innovative ideas for the company and then seeing them through to their fruition. The responsibility of an R&D manager thus covers all the aspects of any product development right from initial planning to final production.

    Sales Representative

    The sales representative is one of the first job profiles that would pop up in your mind when a mention is made of a career in pharmaceutical industry. It is indeed one of the archetypal jobs of the industry that is never going to fail to draw in budding graduates due to its numerous advantages like great earning potential, freedom of structuring your own time, continued learning opportunity, and high level of satisfaction. The job will require you to maintain records and sell a company’s products through building a relationship with clients and having in-depth knowledge of each product.

    There is no dearth of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, and the good news is that as the medical sector develops, the jobs are only going to rise in their numbers and variety. The industry needs able professionals who can add to the wheels of progress through their knowledge and skillset, and that is where the students of the Indore Institute of Pharmacy come into the picture. The excellence-driven academic culture at the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, one among the top 10 pharmacy colleges in Indore, serves to train students in all the facets of the pharmaceutical industry including innovative and creative research, soft skill development, and industry exposure. We take pride in the fact that we don’t just make the students realize their dreams but also enable them to create benefits for the society at large, and this has what enabled us to accomplish the rank of the best pharmacy college in Indore.

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