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  • Current Trends in Human Resource Management

    • June 8, 2018
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    • Current Trends in Human Resource Management

    From the strategic planning to maintaining and polishing the company image, well-rounded expertise of HR practitioners conveys a myriad of services to the employees. This inherent role is intrinsic in saving an organization from imploding. With the right HR management at the helm, a company is able to accomplish more effective employee management, higher productivity, and it inexorably leads to the lower costs, more sales, and more significant revenue. The result-oriented approach to the employee relation needs the precise management dexterity in classifying the problems, setting priorities, developing and estimating alternatives and ability to communicate. The basic functions of the HR Management of an organization encompass hiring the right candidates, training and motivating them, looking after their performance appraisals, ensuring workplace safety and workplace communication, and much more.

    The number of job openings in human resource management arena is increasing by the day, and the following trends are the key factors that you require to know about HR management if you have your eyes set on joining this arena of the corporate world.

    The Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience

    The digitalization age has dexterously shifted the ultimate concentration from employee engagement to employee experience at the workplace. Nowadays, the focus is being shifted more to the dimensions like company culture, engagement, and managing of the performance. Companies have started to aim at establishing “Employee Experience,” as an ecosystem, which integrates three core dimensions i.e. engagement, culture, and performance management.

    The new focus drives the leaders to scrutinize their employee’s journey map and elevate it much as the client experience teams do for customer journeys. This is the right time where HR incessantly experiment along with technology in the recent market like pulse feedback tools, employee wellness apps, synchronous communication, and productivity tools, which expedite the understanding and development of employees.

    People Analytics Entering Organization Structures

    It was once a procedural castigation owned by data experts, but people analytics is now a business, as well as a managerial discipline. There are myriads of data organizations that have evolved a people analytics function along with the help of consequent challenges of prioritizing numerous data requests. One of the key features that organizations nowadays focus on is merging the multiple data sources along with the disparate organizational stakeholders. The people analytics team is responsible for developing the models and dashboards, which bridge the communication gaps between team leaders and senior management. Governance teams ensure the decisive privacy and security of employee data, as well as coordinating people data.

    The Broader Shift from Automation to the Productivity of HR Procedures

    Earlier, the focus of HR department was on automation as well as the integration of Human Resource practices. For instance, they include record keeping, performance appraisal, resume capture, compensation, interview and hiring, assessment of employees, etc.

    In recent times, the companies are not getting enough credit for the actual automation procedure but the payroll dealers and also the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) which are cloud-based merely, carry this out. Furthermore, the real research by the High-Impact HR shows that closely 45% of the companies still put emphasis on the necessary automation procedure. In recent times, they now discuss the more significant topic, which is considered as the productivity. It can be enhanced in a superior way through some facts like:

    • Quality people
    • Optimal usage of the potential of hired employees
    • Focus on team-centric companies
    • Considering HR or People Analytics
    • Agile workforce

    The arena of Human resource management is undeniably exciting and challenging and to sustain in this field you have to accumulate the necessary skillset through the right guidance. This guidance is earned through MBA education which not only helps to provide the students with the academic and technical adeptness but also instills them with thorough knowledge about the trends and practices being followed in the industry. This is precisely what we, at the Indore Institute of Management and Research, one of the best management colleges in MP, strive to provide our students. The tireless efforts of our faculties at IIMR have helped to make from the students a galaxy of the known personalities in the field of industries, business, and management. Our practical-based, market-centric management program and incredible internship opportunities ensure that every student of our institute gets the potential of handling even the most challenging job.

    The fact that our students are absolutely well-trained in their management skills is evident in their placements in well-known national and multinational companies. We are proud that we are able to give the initial boost to the success story of many students ever since our inception, and the great tradition continues untouched by ruins and ravages of time not lessened in its aura of glory.

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