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  • How Has Technology Helped to Upgrade the Pharmacy Industry?

    • September 17, 2021
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    Technology has seeped into each and every sphere of life. As such, it is no surprise that technology has also shown a significant advancement in the global pharmaceutical industry..

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  • New Avenues Opening Up for Pharma Graduates

    From drug discovery and pharmacovigilance to drug manufacturing and distribution, pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare domain. A qualified pharmacy professional is the one who ensures medicines.

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  • Key Factors Driving India to Become the ‘Pharmacy of the World’

    The Indian pharmaceutical industry has come a long way, becoming the sunrise sector of the country. Today, the industry is witnessing steep growth, with lots of innovation and employment.

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  • The Future of the Pharmaceutical Sector of India in the Post-Pandemic World

    Given the magnitude of the COVID pandemic and its spread, almost every industry is evolving towards a new normal. Pharmaceutical, as a growing industry, is embracing the change and.

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  • Pharmacist: Frontline Healthcare Professional

    Pharmacists will have to change themselves as healthcare as a healthcare professional, nowadays it has become a business – both manufacturing and retail. Quality processing and dispensing of medicament.

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  • Real life value in real life Pharmacy Profession

    The Profession of Pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare system worldwide. Pharmacies with well-organized practice can go an extended thanks to ensure quality health look after the.

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  • Patents Represent The Most Important Single Source of Technical

    Patents represent the most important single source of technical information within the world and it’s growing steadily. Newly published patent applications are often the primary sign of the latest.

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  • Pharma & Allied Industries Likely to Spike in the Coming Times

    The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard in every way. The economy is falling, and unemployment is emerging as yet another issue. However, despite the economic slowdown and.

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  • Indian Pharma companies

    Indian pharmaceutical companies stand 3rd position by 2020 in Volume and 13th in value, reposted by Equity Master. We are the largest provider of generic drugs globally with 20.

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  • Doctrine of signature

    When you look at your favorite food, you may always notice a resemblance to certain part of our body. The doctrine of signature is the concept of foods being.

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