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Message from the Management

Dear Patrons


At “SGI” we help all our stakeholders be it faculty, students, corporate clients, collaborative partners and strive hard to solve their problems with cutting edge research and by helping our students and clients to ask first-rate intricacy to create real-world change. Our students join us to learn how to ask incisive questions rather than follow the latest trend. They participate in an atmosphere of searching, rigorous thinking with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Since its inception in 2003, “SGI” has earned a reputation as a centre of meticulous thinking and of high-impact transformative education. We are located in the heart of the Madhya Pradesh and with a close proximity of India’s financial capital – Mumbai. Our undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programmes attract prime movers, creative thinkers, thoughtful and collaborative problem-solvers and future leaders drawn from a huge diversity of background across India.

I am immensely proud of our continued importance on modernization on all fronts, inclusive approach, and engagement with our students, collaborative partners, to co-create knowledge to inspire real-world change.

Whether you plan to use your ‘SGI” experience to develop yourself, to prepare for a leadership role, to foster new approaches within your organization, or to start a company or a social enterprise, we offer exceptional opportunities for learning, networking and knowledge sharing, both within and beyond the campus.

Look forward to welcoming you at SGI campus.