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There is a paradigm shift in the way we think, visualize, plan and act. Thanks to the Information Technology revolution, more commonly termed as Digital Revolution. Often we are supposed to make a choice between what we want to do and what we are expected to do. A major chunk of our lives goes to make a selection as we have limited spectrum of choices. The role of Information Technology is to dilate this spectrum and broaden the horizon of choices and opportunities. Information Technology has drastically changed the way we live and think. It has come a long way to stand where we can harness the fruits of global reach and presence.

We can hardly imagine even a single place or technology complete without the involvement of Information Technology. That is the reason IT is going to stay for ever and ever. If any technological segment gets appreciated, IT is bound to appreciate. Information Technology truly provides indispensable tools to practically all applications in real and virtual world.

Talking about IT careers, there is a rich set of opportunities available in information security, software development, sales, Management applications, databases, object oriented segments and research areas , to name a few, both in private as well as govt/public sector. This ensures bright careers for all the existing IT graduates as well as future IT career aspirants. This fact is more supported by the advent of big IT corporate blooming in Indore at Super Corridor. It is expected that thousands of job opportunities in IT would be generated in near future and a major segment of IT professionals would be absorbed from Indore and surrounding areas. We therefore are apt to provide adequate and sound technical training and skill development to our students to make them stand upright with confidence and to enable them to tap the mushrooming opportunities.

We are in process of making strong industrial tie-ups and organizing regular interactions with major IT industries to ensure quality delivery to all the prospective students of IT department.

Best wishes,
Dr. Ashish Bansal
(Dean, Information Technology)