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  • Humanoid Robot

    A pride moment for Indore Institute Of Science and Technology  as on 2nd June 2018 where in  , our two brilliant students  came up with a start up named Robo Inventors.   This was an idea fostered by the two founders  Mr. Shubham Gupta and Mr.Rishabh Pandey  students of Engineering final year .

    In this company they have invented a  humanoid Robot named  “Zoya” , What makes this robot unusual is that it can answer human questions  via Google Wikipedia and can also answer general questions. It can also perform calculations.

     USP of Zoya   is that ,   it   takes  input by listening  to human voice  and   answers with output speaker . Its future projection is, it will be beneficial in residential and commercial purpose to identify problems in machines.

    This was possible only because of visionary Director General Mr. Arun S Bhatnagar,who motivated students   and has given new dimension to IIST , faculty members who guided them throughout their  invention. IIST is providing an appropriate forum where all the students are free to exhibit as well as implement their creative and innovative ideas to pursue entrepreneurship skills.

    Humanoid Robot

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