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  • Top In-Demand Engineering Jobs for the Future

    • February 10, 2022
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    Considered as one of the top innovating fuel of the country, the field of engineering holds immense value and pride in the community of science. As quoted by Gordon Lindsay Glegg, “The scientist discovers a new type of material or energy and the engineer discovers a new use for it”, and this statement explains the major part of the work that revolves around an engineer.  The ideal engineer is a composite mind. He/she is not a scientist, not a mathematician, nor a sociologist or a writer, but may use the knowledge and techniques of any or/and all of these disciplines in solving complex engineering problems that require both science and innovation.

    From the dawn of time, engineers have played an immensely important role in the field of science and innovation. A few of the job areas that are the most popular in the current times and will hold even more potential in the future as well are listed below:

    Software Engineer: Innovation in the IT industry and the technology that dominates the virtual world would not have been possible without the expert skills of a software engineer.  The everyday machines that we use, the mobiles, laptops, desktops, complicated pieces of machinery, ATM transactions, online banking, and every such other thing require the expert coding skills of a software engineer. A software engineer not only deals with a very sophisticated form of algorithms that require elaborate coding but also performs extensive checking of parameters for safety. Ethical hackers are also a part of software engineering who are generally hired by government agencies and security firms to put their skills to good use. Therefore, such a discipline will never grow old nor out of fashion, making it indeed one of the most in-demand engineering jobs of the future.

    Mechanical Design Engineer: Unlike other forms of engineering, the field of mechanical design engineering is not only one of the most sought after but also one of the most prestigious forms of engineering that hold an equal amount of significance in the development, design, and testing of complex mechanical systems and technologies. Related directly to the branch of mechanical engineering, the design engineers are proficient in the creation of internal combustion engines and automobile parts. A mechanical design engineer plays a critical role in the automobile industry and is tasked with one of the most complex forms of developing engineering solutions through CAD and other such software to provide unique approaches to solve problems.

    Electrical Power Engineers: Almost every shred of technology we use today runs on electricity. Without this vital resource, the industry, working, lifestyle, transport, almost everything will come to an abrupt halt causing a loss of billions in the economy within a few minutes. Therefore the expertise of such an engineer is of paramount significance. An electrical power engineer is involved in one of the riskiest yet the most important jobs in the engineering industry. He/she uses their respective skills to find elaborate unique techniques that involve assisting and designing of power grids, instrumentation, microelectronics, and power saving systems. Such an engineering field is one of the most popular arenas and sees a consistent increase in growth every year non-stop.

    Civil Engineers: Considered as one of the first and the oldest engineering branches that gave birth to all the other forms of engineering, such a profession holds not only immense importance in the present world but also an equal amount of responsibility that accompanies it. It is one of those few sectors that have rejected decline and fall of demand throughout the century. The increasing population and migration into the organized sector make sure that such engineering profiles never go out of fashion due to ever increasing requirement and need for improved infrastructure.

    Today, engineering is considered to be one of the most invaluable disciplines that determine the level of scientific superiority, innovation, and advancement of a country. To “engineer” is to create and perfect a particular technology that assimilates with the society. Without engineering, there would have been no civilization. Therefore, it falls upon the shoulders of the present generation to bear the standard of innovation and find success. Consequently, we, at the Indore Institute of Science and Technology, one among the top 5 engineering colleges in MP, strive to use our gathered experience and direct such young scientific minds in the right path that leads to innovation and success as it is professionals such as these who rewrite the rules of technology and innovation in the pursuit of a better world. Institutions such as ours take up the initiative of teaching such a discipline to those aspiring to make the next big breakthrough in technology.

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