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  • The Vitality of Going Digital in the Modern Business World

    • September 27, 2019
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    The twenty-first century is referred to as the age of radical shift from the conventional to the sheer dynamism and the unconventional.  Technology has invited countless innovations in today’s era but one of the technology’s most significant boons shall always remain ‘digitalization.’ The age we are aboding in is undergoing digital transformation more radically than ever before and is often referred to as the New Media Age, the Information Age and more prevalently the ‘Digital Age.’

    Digital transformation reigns in almost every aspect of human life today and is one of the most significant entities taking over the ‘world of business.’ Digital transformation can be considered as the implementation of digital technologies into various arenas of trading and merchandising in order to shape highly sustainable relationships and gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs. Well, that was a simple demonstration of the role of digitalization in today’s business. But that is not all. There is much more to the story when it comes to explaining what digitalization is actually capable of.

    Organizations today are finding newer possibilities to design and deliver better experience for their consumers, irrespective of how intricate the challenges are. And embracing digital technologies is the key aspect they are relying on. Nearly 55% of the startups have already adopted digital business strategies as compared to 38% of traditional enterprises. 62% businesses have given the credit for delivering an excellent customer experience to their digital-based model. 95% of start-ups already have digital business plans. Hence, ‘going digital’ is the new slogan that today’s global platform of business is fluently speaking and thriving on.

    Why digital-transformation is everyone’s strategic priority today

    The digital age offers endless opportunities and advantages to the modern industry. From better inventory management, accurate data-driven insights, improved real-time interaction, accessing new customer segments, effective forecasting, to efficient business decisions, digital technologies have leveraged modern business bodies with countless benefits and prospects. Organizations, willing to scale up their productivity, are thus increasingly looking forward to transforming their existing business interfaces, trading procedures, and operations into digitalized practices and procedures.

    Besides, digital transformation is not only playing a prominent part in the expansion of businesses but is also serving as a feeding fuel to the fire of creativity. Freelancers working in creative fields, and even the entertainment world, are utilizing advanced digital technologies to enhance their project qualities. Not only that, executives who are in their mid-careers and even entrepreneurs are willingly reskilling their existing proficiencies to gain digital competence and potential.

    Digital skills – An avenue to success in the 21st-century world

    There is an exponential rise in the usage of the Internet in the current times. It is considered no longer a niche marketing medium by business organizations but rather a worthy long-term investment. Studies reveal that about 89% of consumers use Bing, Google, or any other search engine to find information about various products and goods. About 1.3 billion people worldwide are actively involved on social media platforms. Online channels are the key to reaching out to the largest mass of target audiences. As such, being digitally sound is the new skill that the modern business world demands for.

    We, at the Indore Institute of Management & Research, positioned among the Top Management Colleges in MP, understand the sheer vitality of digital skills in today’s time. We have hence ensured that along with delivering our students with industry-centric management education, we also impart them with the most highly sought-after digital skills. Students at IIMR are provided hands-on training on the latest software including SPSS, R, SAP, IBM Cognos, and IBM Watson, among others. The industry-centric curriculum leverages candidates with the right amount of industry exposure that they require to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive and challenging business environment.

    At the Indore Institute, we aim to enable our students to pace along with the dramatically evolving world, and for that to happen, being digitally skilled is a prime prerequisite. We hence extend to our pupils an excellent platform to add a strong edge to their digital knowledge while simultaneously sharpening and polishing their management skills.

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