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  • The ERP-Enabled Smart Campus of Indore Institute

    Application of ERP integrated software has made systematic progress over the last few years. With the advantage of making the entire course of work and operations of an institution streamlined, Educational Resource Planning (ERP) has made its way through various institutions.  We, at Indore Institute, one among the Best Colleges in MP, believe in delivering updated facilities to our students by facilitating a more comprehensive method of learning. This has been the motto behind adopting the smart campus campaign. Indore Institute has integrated the entire system with the ERP and has made every bit of its operations transparent and easy to comprehend. The various modules take individual care of the departmental functionalities enabling a better environment to work and learn in. Parents can also be a part of the system which makes the smart campus an inclusive plan for all. We believe that with appropriate methods and transparency, students and their parents can be better facilitated towards success. Here is a brief detail of the modules implemented in the system at the Indore Institute:

    Admission Module

    One of the most critical modules that the ERP implements, is the Admission module. With the help of it, keeping records related to admission of the students, branch transfer, re-admission process, seat matrix, the past records of the students, and cancellation of admissions, everything gets integrated on a single platform that makes accessing data much more easier.

    Fees Module

    The fees associated with admission procedure, academic sessions, and transfer charges get individual priority on the ERP platform. Every part and account related to the fees structure is incorporated within the periphery of this module that enables a comprehensive understanding for all to enable better functioning of the process.

    Library Module

    Keeping the library records is a tedious job when managed manually. However, by integrating ERP with the same, the entire library allocation, maintaining book records, tracking issuance and returns of books, keeping a regular check on the renewal and lost records have become much more effortless.

    College Admin

    The ERP provides the panel of college admin complete access to all the modules and enables setting and nullifying functionalities related to any module.

    Exam Module

    There are several examinations operated throughout an academic session for multiple classes and courses. With ERP in place, maintaining the track record of the examinations with the reports, and the scores becomes much more glitchless. Any result of any student can be easily traced back with the help of this module.

    Department Module

    There are department-specific ERP modules as well. It empowers the departmental head to keep an eye over the holistic functionality of the concerned department. The attendance records, examination history according to the semesters, and the progress of the courses can be accessed easily through this module.


    With a biometric machine installed in the institute, unfair practices of proxy attendance are out of the question. The data collected in the device regularly is further integrated with the central ERP platform, and the detailed attendance sheet of any employee can be accessed at any point in time.

    Staff Info Module

    The administrative wing of the institution has become more organized with the effective implementation of ERP. The staff info module keeps regular track of the leave status, attendance statistics, and time table that in turn help to make the entire operations transparent.

    Student Info Module

    This module which is dedicated to students contains information related to several aspects which are connected to performance and administration of student-centric activities in our campus. Records are kept categorically in this module to facilitate easier access to the results, attendance details, fee submission details, and admission details of the students.

    Management Info Module

    This module has been incorporated to allow an overall vigilance over the daily activities of all departments of the institution by the superior authorities like principle, vice principal, director, and the other high officials. Monitoring the activities without making any prior alerts to anyone is the advantage of having this module integrated with the system.

    Placement Module

    This module encompasses an extensive year specific record of the campus interviews conducted by the institute and the statistics related to the success rate of the students in each of them. The updates on any company that has either visited the campus earlier or is due with a future visit for hiring are available on this platform.

    Transport Module

    The Indore Institute operates regular transport facilities for the students and every information pertaining to the bus routes, bus details, pick up points, and drop points is available in this module.

    Parent Module

    We, at the Indore Institute, havealso given due consideration to the parents of our students while developing and integrating the ERP modules. With access to the internet, the parents can easily log in to the parent module to check marks secured and attendance of their respective wards.

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