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  • Tapping the Rising Potential of the Pharma Industry of India

    • April 21, 2018
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    Any profession that provides the opportunities for constant innovation and variation is certainly given a high weightage by the budding career enthusiasts. Undoubtedly it is one of the most significant manifestations that exist till date, and a career in pharmacy is one of those fortunate occupations. The need for incredible professionals, brilliant researchers, and potential practitioners is what India needs at present.

    The Pharma industry is the foremost thread line of the entire medical domain and involves the phenomenal art of drug discovery, medical research, and estimation of drug dosage. Speaking of that, India stands as one of the top countries that produce the humongous number of pharmaceutical as well as medical experts every year and is on the verge of a major expansion in the next few years. In this article below, you will have a closer view of the current pharmaceutical state of India with respect to the pharmaceutical education as well as profession and comprehend how it will unfold in the long run.

    The Present Condition of the Pharmaceutical Industry in India – A View from the Top

    Today, India has one of the largest pharma supply chains across the globe with a market size of approximately $27. 57 billion as estimated in the annual survey report of 2016. The Indian pharmaceutical industry grows at a rate of nearly 30 percent each year and is one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical hubs on the planet. It is indeed overwhelming to know that the giant percentage of therapeutic drugs our country globally exports is being considered as one of the most reliable sources for pharmaceutical experts hiring and appointing.

    In addition to that, the industry is gradually shifting from the mainstream practices to a broader aspect of pharmaceutical studies and research. For instance, the demand for fresh minds to invade the existing methods of drug production and formulation is vast, which has mainly evolved into the responsibilities of the Research and Development department. The R&D department of Pharmaceutical organizations also consider taking in practitioners who hold a keen interest in any particular area and can be eligible for domain-specific job roles such as advising interventions, monitoring drug therapies, packaging, and labeling, etc. The present market scenario also involves excellent opportunities in sub-domains like Testing and Analysis, R&D, and Sales and Marketing.

    The Future Prospects of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

    The planet is on the verge of becoming a regular victim of unfamiliar diseases, unknown viruses, and life-threatening medical ailments. Some of the conditions did not even exist in the history of medicine. Mainly, this is what drives the intention of the Pharma industry to boom in all aspects and make new discoveries. The industry has ample to provide to the young graduates who are planning to settle their career choice in the same field. Most of the organizations are adopting the manufacturing concept of generic drugs which will need critical attention in the upcoming years. Apart from that, the overall ratio of patients is much higher than that of the medical professionals in India. It is a type of profession, where the quality of medical practitioners counts more than the quantity.  We deliberately require professionals who are rooted from a robust medical base and can provide patients with integrated health-care solutions. Unlike many other professionals, the pharmaceutical experts require polished qualification, unique capabilities, and skillsets. To thrive in the highly competitive and complex medical world of the present times, it is important students are equipped with a certain level of practical experience in addition to high-quality academic education to beat the forecasted complexities and multiplicities in the particular domain.

    Be that as it may, for the students choosing the pharmaceutical industry as their preferred line of profession, it is necessary that they have the potentiality and backing of a reputed educational institute to beat the rising competition and make a mark for themselves in the domain. It is clearly evident that the level of competition is going to only move upward in the times to come, and as such, students need to not only master in terms of knowledge but also have a strong portfolio to efficiently stand above the crowd. In that direction, the Indore Institute of Science and Technology (IIST) stands tall as one of the most disciplined and prestigious educational institutions in the pharmaceutical realm, known for its contribution to the pharma industry with magnificent talents each year. Our Indore Institute of Pharmacy (IIP) is the most revered institutes for pharmaceutical education that offers degree courses in pharmacy and aims at producing highly knowledgeable, industry-ready professionals equipped with a lot of practical exposure and hands-on experience.

    Our perception of success is to broaden the career opportunities for our students and prepare them for the future competitions in a full-fledged manner. The Indore Institute, one of the top-ranked institutes in the nation, sets an efficient pathway for graduates to explore and grab the best of opportunities nationally as well as internationally. The course syllabus is incorporated with the immediate trends and practices of the pharmacy market to help students qualify for the most profitable job positions in the industry. We feel accomplished to see our students mastering the pharmaceutical sector of India as well as abroad and emerge as the most successful figures. We offer our students with the latest learning technologies, excellent lab culture, and most importantly a brilliant faculty team to provide high-quality education to our students and help them succeed in their careers ahead.


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