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  • Real life value in real life Pharmacy Profession

    • June 25, 2020
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    The Profession of Pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare system worldwide. Pharmacies with well-organized practice can go an extended thanks to ensure quality health look after the patient. In the past, pharmacists were responsible for dispensing medications only. Slowly, the normal role of pharmacists is expanding and now pharmacists are playing a task as an important team member within the direct care of patients, especially the new generation pharmacists who have pharmacy practitioner. Pharmacy practitioner play a significant role in providing that healthcare services by means of community pharmacy services in rural areas where physicians aren’t available or where physician services are too costly for meeting the healthcare provisions. Many alterations are however needed to enhance job satisfaction among Indian pharmacists like sophisticated salaries, more job opportunities in government offices, recognition of pharmacists as health care professionals and changes in the D. Pharmacy and B. Pharmacy curriculum.

    The pharmacist with Bachelor of Pharmacy or Diploma in Pharmacy or Master of Pharmacy or can serve as a vital source of drug information or polypharmacy for the physician, nurses, other healthcare professionals and patients; perhaps the only professional who can help in the reduction of drug-related problems and drug interactions, providing cost effective therapy and determining drug-related effects on blood biochemistry. For example, in a case where there is concurrent administration of agonists or antagonists, the pharmacist can play a vital role by providing information about the appropriate dosage to attain the maximum possible therapeutic effect of the co-administered medicines. Several studies have reputable that intrinsic and extrinsic factors are valid and are important variables to think about when evaluating job satisfaction among pharmacists. indore medical college Intrinsic factors like challenge, performance, and autonomy; and extrinsic factors such as rewards, salary, benefits, job atmosphere, advancement, and management concerns are significant and major predictors of job satisfaction. I’ve been focusing tons lately on a vision for the longer term of pharmacy and the way we will elevate our status within the health care realm. I do believe that you can’t achieve direction without vision and you can’t reach goals without an underlying principled foundation. However, I also understand that high-minded ideals and a lot encouragement talk aren’t enough to get the job done alone.

     Trying to remain faithful my mantra of “real life pharmacy, real world pharmacist,” I’d to offer a couple of examples I’ve encountered of “keeping it real.”

     * Saving our patients’ money.

     * Save our patients’ time.

    * Treating patients like people.

    That’s what keeps us coming back to the counter every day. Seeing a far better strategy for medicinal treatment, helping to save lots of our patients time, and taking the trouble to succeed in bent them on a person’s level. That is real life pharmacy.

    (Ms. Deepika Bhawsar)

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