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  • Pharmacist: Frontline Healthcare Professional

    • June 25, 2020
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    Pharmacists will have to change themselves as healthcare as a healthcare professional, nowadays it has become a business – both manufacturing and retail. Quality processing and dispensing of medicament in the community is the responsibility of Pharmacists. Due to competition, the pressure has been keeping on mounting on pharmacists to formulate and dispense quality medicaments to Patient.

    As technology has got more sophisticated, patients have become more involved in their own care therefore its role of Pharmacists to serve as medical counselors to provide proper health care services. The appropriate use and management of specialty pharmaceuticals is one area in which pharmacists can get expertise. These medications will have an impact on the practice of pharmacy over the next five years as they are consuming more. This will affect all pharmacy practice area e.g., community, hospital, etc.

    Retail, telepharmacy, and specialty pharmacies are engaged in the distribution of about 40% of specialty drugs that are covered under the pharmacy benefit. The majority of specialty pharmaceuticals are distributed and administered in the physician’s clinic, an outpatient department. Pharmacists can fill this role if they can help patients improve drug use, minimize waste, and increase patient safety.

    Pharmacists are an integral part of the health care team and are among the most trusted and accessible health care professionals that perform more patient care activities, including counseling, medication management, and preventive measures. Pharmacists can play a critical role in meeting the demand for patients to access high-quality and cost-effective, preventive, and immunization services.

    Medication management conducted by a private medical college in Indore pharmacists has also been shown to improve medication adherence and clinical outcomes for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. Pharmacists play an important role in managing and improving population health, particularly in areas such as tobacco cessation and diabetes management, through counseling, monitoring, and support. 

    Community pharmacy is the biggest area in which pharmacists can be better used because they have very frequent interactions with patients. Most people visit a retail pharmacy more than 50 times a year this is where the pharmacist’s impact is more toward healthcare services. Pharmacists are offering vaccinations, blood pressure screenings, and counseling on specific diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc.


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