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  • Industry and Academic Collaborations of the Indore Institute

    • November 12, 2018
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    The world of education and pedagogy is consistently embracing new and better ideas to prepare students for the fiercely competitive environment that they will step into. Being an aspirant in the ‘twenty-first century’ with dreams and ambitions in your heart is certainly not another piece of cake. Prior to being a good student, candidates need to be a good learner. There is a fine line of difference between the two if you can see it from the right perspective. Possessing a ‘learning attitude’ does not just apply to academic aspects but also allied factors such as peripheral knowledge, practical skills, teamwork skills, and most importantly, industrial insights.

    Connecting with real-world happenings is a must to succeed in today’s saturated professional environment which can only come via one thing and that is ‘Industry and academic collaboration.’ And this is exactly where the Indore Institute emerges as a name that has left a significant mark in the lives of many ambitious minds and stands at the peak of success today as the foremost preference of students. There is no reason why the Indore Institute would not be so, as its robust network with the industrial world has not left a stone unturned to cater students with their deserving necessities. Take a glimpse of some of the significant full-fledged industrial training projects and programs initiated by the Indore Institute to provide its students with the caliber and wisdom to stand out from the rest.

    TCS Academic Interface Program

    The Indore Institute conducts workshops that are supervised by none other but the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the largest Indian multinational companies that have its wings spread across the world. Each year, Indore Institute invites experienced professional trainers from TCS to share with students the valuable insights, guidance on practical skills, and knowledge that they possess. The training is offered by TCS instructors in the form of lectures as well as classroom discussions. The Indore Institute of Science and Technology (IIST) provides its students with an exceptional benefit of a TCS certified program. Not only that but students also learn how to use certain technologies and electronic tools from TCS professionals directly.

    IBM Academic Initiative

    Not only students, but IIST offers excellent skill-building opportunities to its team of mentors as well by organizing ‘faculty development programs.’ The faculty team receives acumen and hands-on-experience on technical areas with the help of integrated collaboration with the IBM ecosystem. Free access to IBM software, technologies, tools, and resources is made available for the learners to get the best quality training.

    IIT Mumbai E-Yantra

    This program aims to provide engineering students with highly pragmatic insights that will help them contribute to real-world issues in the future. The primary goal is to provide world-class training in embedded systems and robotics in order to produce the finest generation of embedded systems engineers.

    IIST tie-up with Princeton Review, USA

    IIST also shares a strong bond with the Princeton Review, USA. This program is really helpful for students who aim to pursue higher studies in foreign nations. This initiative has been taken to encourage the brilliant lot of IIST students to attain post-graduation aboard.

    Visual Paradigm, Hong Kong Association

    Being the academic partner of the Visual Paradigm, Hong Kong, the Indore Institute possesses the rights to access all the software modeling and software design tools free of charge. IIST is one of the foremost institutions in Indore and perhaps among the very few in the nation to have this particular collaboration. The industrial demand of the Visual Paradigm’s software is sky-rocketing and it is a significant resource adopted and utilized by several giant brands across the globe. IIST students get a full-fledged hands-on-training in the same in a proper classroom format. The sessions are held in the IIST labs to let students focus better.

    The list of the valuable industry and academic collaborations of the Indore Institute does not end with the programs as mentioned above. IIT Mumbai Spoken Tutorial, Google Classroom, IIT Madras Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education (QEEE), EC Council Academia, USA, etc. are a few other industry collaborations that IIST treasures. Owing to these collaborations, students at IIST receive the opportunity to get trained by the best of industrial trainers from the top brands around the nation, some of which include Avtech, Bajaj, Pinnacle, Gajra Gears, TATA, Honda, DLF, BSNL, Ranbaxy, HP, and more.

    In the current times of fierce competition, imparting education without industrial collaboration is somewhat similar to throwing darts in the dark. Being a top pioneer of education, Indore Institute highly respects their duty and mission and take knowledge impartation as a very sincere responsibility. This is why the IIST faculty team comprises of the finest trainers and educators of all times who are gifted with both the skills of traditional teaching and the modern-day tactics. Last but never the least, with such valuable academic and industry collaborations, IIST aims to take the level of training and knowledge impartation to an entirely different level. Being one among the top 5 engineering colleges in MP, IIST treasures an aim of enabling its students to build their potential to attain the best of placements and join the league of the top professionals in the world.

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