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  • How to Select the Right College?

    Choosing a right college can be very difficult task for most of the students. In fact, making the correct decision may also be a challenging task. It’s rarely an unquestionable “Yes” when it comes to choosing the right college. Yet, given this tension, a thorough selection process can be enjoyable if it is well planned and organized.

    Here are a few tips to choose the best institute:

    • Identify Your Objectives: Everyone has different goals and priorities in their lives, which is absolutely all right! It’s time to sit down and think about what you want to do with your life in the next three or four years. What do you want to study and how you want to study? Do you want a job after the course or you want to go for further studies?
    • Campus Infrastructure: College should not be just one building, quality of infrastructure is also very important. It should have sports facility and grounds, well stacked libraries, transport facility if the campus is far etc
    • Quality of education: The quality of education can be seen from the academic record, placement records, quality of Faculties and staff. Visit the college website look for this information.
    • Sports and Co-Curricular Facilities: Apart from the education look for the sports and co-curricular activities also as it is very important for the development of the personality and confidence building, it has a weight-age in interview rounds for further education or job interviews.
    • Leadership and Management of the institute: While selecting the college you should know about the management and their policies, meet the Principals, Directors and Faculties. It will give you more clarity about the Institute ideology. A strong leadership and management are always beneficial for the student.
    • Placements: It is one of the most important concerns of every student, rather than listening to what the college has to say, check on the list of companies visited the campus, number of students placed, highest package etc. Be double sure of that, it’s better to check the reviews about the college on their Social Media pages or on Google to get the better picture. If you can interact with the alumni or the current students it will also be beneficial. If the college has good training department then getting the placement becomes easier. Meet the Training department team, know what they are offering.
    • Affordability: The fees should be affordable and justified, if the institute is charging premium fees then check the facilities offered for that, don’t select a college just because it has a good name. The fees should justify the current year facilities. Look for the institute that provides scholarship to the students on merit basis.
    • Affiliation: It is the most important factor, if you want to rank it by priority then it is better to select a Government College if it satisfies your need, then you should always go for a college which has affiliation from government universities like RGPV or DAVV because in interview name of University matters.
    • Tie-ups and MoUs: Apart from regular academics look for what the college has to offer extra. Extra certifications from a well known certifying institute or authority is always valuable. Look for the details like the associations and companies from with whom the MoUs are signed; tie ups from well known institutes like IIT and IIM. Such information will always be valuable for the students to rate the teaching and learning standards.

    Therefore choose a College that would provide you quality exposure to education with additional series of supplemental professional certification and coursework in order to groom your personality and make you co-operate ready rather than just to provide you a degree.


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