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  • How to raise your employability as an engineer?

    • August 12, 2018
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    Engineering as one of the most lucrative and sought-after occupations attracts a substantial percentage of undergraduatesevery year across the globe. The particular stream of profession requires least appraise when it comes to career advancement opportunities, job stability, and boundless growth prospects in the long run. However, the job market getting fiercely competitive day by day demands professionals who possess insights beyond process knowledge and technical skills.

    The necessitated quality can be referred to as ‘employability.’ What engineering graduates need to comprehend to make a mark in today’s convoluting industry is the wise utilization of employability skills. Candidates with a full-fledged degree in engineering along with a good understanding of business and the complex commercial world are topping the preference list of employers. Well, there are no hard and fast rules as such to gain employability skills in the career of engineering. However, there are certain paths that you can definitely align with your efforts as a newbie in the field to get noticed by employers.

    Utilization of visual learning for academic excellence

    Engineering is one of the intricate subject areas that revolve around observing, critically analyzing, and finally grasping complex concepts and mechanisms. Engineering students definitely work with their based study materials, but the heart of the subject lies in its practical concepts and processes. In this case, learning via ‘visual tools and technology’can aidpupilsin multidimensional ways to enhance their interests and curiosities from the roots.

    The idea is not to discourage thetraditional textbook learning method instead arm the same with the smart technique of visual or e-learning. Needless to say, your final examination scores will be the foremost criteria for your first break as an engineer in the job market. This is one of the best approaches to make the most of your engineering program.

    Gaining additional insights and developing a network

    It is often said that ‘engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.’ Well, the saying makes immense sense when it comes to the attributes of successful engineers. Engineers treasure the mind of innovators and they cherish learning, exploring, and working out of their mainstream professional projects. This is precisely where the idea of earning additional knowledge emerges.

    You can simply begin by going through some journals, taking up part-time projects, or even settling for an extra certification course to add an edge to your existing knowledge. Gaining additional acumen will eventually open up several gateways to opportunities by helping you develop a network. The more you indulge yourself with professionals in the field or even seniors with a similar profile as you have, the clearer will the vision become on what the field of engineering treasures for you.

    Strengthening the basics

    Possessing a strong fundamental base of knowledge is one of the foremost aspects that a recruiter shall focus on. The reason behind making fundamentalknowledge the cornerstone of the recruiting process is quick grasping power. An individual who has a firm base knowledge can easily grasp any concept or pattern of a newly assigned task or responsibility. Engineering is a subject much like science or mathematics that can only be mastered if your roots in the subject are strong enough. An engineering program will load you with new lessons on a frequent note and it is imperative that you brush up the old study materials as well.

    In the twenty-first century platform, employers often emphasize experience rather than academic performance. In contrary to the factor, engineering is one of the fields where employers begin the evaluation based on the academic excellence of candidates.  This is mainly because availing an opportunity with utmost conviction requires generic skills and fundamental knowledge at its best. Attaining a degree from the right place will only act as an excellent advantage to your future career. A prestigious institution that merits a say here is the Indore Institute of Science and Technology. We, at IIST, understand the sheer need for cross-disciplinary skills, fundamental acumen and above all business insights to achieve a breakthrough in the cut-throat competitive environment of the present century.

    We dedicatedly focus on aligning out knowledge impartation style with cutting-edge tools and teaching aids that include an excellent lab culture, research works, and practical project works. IIST, one among the top 10 engineering colleges in Indore, is also highly recognized for its experienced faculty group who deserves the complete credit of producing the finest professionals for years. Other than that we also drill down to the masked interests and inquisitiveness to stimulate the learning abilities of our students. Students get the opportunity to not only absorb knowledge but also explore academic dimensions that are beyond their extent. IIST graduates have made us proud with their dynamic contribution to the industry of engineering across the nation and we look forward to such gratification with the success of more young minds in the near future.

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