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  • Digital Skill Training is a Must for Modern World Managers

    Digitalization can be regarded as the latest revolution around the industrial corner. Ever since the developments related to the digital technologies have set foot on the industrial arena, nothing has escaped its reach. Till a few years back, the key responsibilities of a manager at any organization used to basically revolve around taking care of the business operations to see to its productive progress. However, today, with the business landscape becoming increasingly dependent on digital advancements, business managers are required to remain aware of the digital processes to be able to keep track of the operations. Therefore, learning the strategies and approaches for handling digital operations has become the demand of the day for all managers. This has established the significance of digital skill training for the modern world management professionals. Discussed below in this article are some of the reasons that further stress on the necessity of such training programs for managers.

    Businesses Embracing Cloud-Based Software

    Unlike the old day files and ledgers, the modern offices store the data in cloud-based software, which is a comparatively secured and a more reliable way than the former one. A manager needs to be aware of the functionalities of such software to ensure smooth functioning of the team. Since it is helpful in averting repetitive tasks and in maintaining data in an organized manner, learning the ways to understand the cloud-based functionalities can significantly add up to the overall productivity of a manager and his/her team.

    Social Media Knowledge is Vital

    Social media, in the current times, is more like a center spot for marketing for most business organizations. Almost every business today is using social media platforms as the primary source of publicity and marketing. And why not, social media can ensure more visibility and business for every enterprise. Though, the key lies in aptly using the social media platforms, for which knowledge of the tools and techniques associated with the back-end operations of these social media platforms is vital. An in-depth understanding of the social media technicalities will ensure managers an opportunity to realize growth through effective operations, thereby enhancing their own chances of career progression. Hence, having training in digital know-how is of paramount importance for the present day managers.

    Corporate World Increasingly Relying on Automation

    Automation is all set to sweep the market off its feet. Implementation of automation will reduce the dependency on human skills for day to day operations to some extent. However, this doesn’t mean that the role of the managers will anywhere go blur. Instead, the responsibilities will be revised.  With automation taking care of the lion share of the work, managers will have to ensure flawless functioning of the automated operations. Many of the enterprises have already adopted automation and have implemented the same in the mainstream workflow. To guarantee a secured place and a thriving future, modern managers, therefore, need to get equipped with digital skills.

    We, at the Indore Institute of Management & Research, ranked among the Top B Schools in Madhya Pradesh, believe that education should come wrapped in relevance and requirement. We thus provide our management students with digital skill training and IT training to help them secure their position in the global business arena. With such skill development programs being run at IIMR, we have remained successful in providing our students with an edge in the competitive corporate world. This digital proficiency of our students, along with their academic, practical, and technical know-how, have enabled them to secure high-paying jobs in leading organizations in the country and abroad. All our students are groomed to perfection to rule the management world with updated knowledge and undeniable expertise.

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