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  • Java LAB

    Java is a programming language which helps students to develop their ideas in programming. This lab teaches student object oriented concepts and enable them to use these concepts in.

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  • Soft Computing LAB

    Soft Computing Lab provides elementary knowledge of performance-Index in various Artificial Neural Network in different programming languages & tools like C and MATLAB. This computing lab develops understanding in.

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  • Basic Computer Programming LAB

    The objective of the lab is to improve the learning and writing skills of Basic computer programming. Languages like c and c++. Students also work with MS word, excel.

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  • Operating System LAB

    Operating System LAB provide concepts of process; address space, file and memory management. In this lab students will compare different CPU scheduling algorithms.

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  • Cloud Computing LAB

    Cloud Computing is latest research area in this field. Our lab is providing simulated environment for Cloud Computing with CloudSim and Hardware infrastructure. Students are learning all Cloud services.

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