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  • Valuable Academic Collaborations of IIST

    • May 1, 2018
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    Coming-of-age scientific experiments and one-of-a-kind technical development require involvement of personas, whose theoretical wisdom and practical deftness dwell over one major ground i.e. holistic perfection. It is an indispensable task of the modern human workforce entering into the functional arenas of science and technology to maintain a standard of impeccability in methodological applications and secure a benchmark of fineness. Such an essentiality makes it clear that in the 22nd century, level of education in these two aforementioned fields must be nothing but the best. This is where the need arises for the learning and grooming of the enthusiastic and talented young brains by academic institutions, where the students are not just guided over the ways to score high marks but are also endowed with the knowledge that is conformingly enriched, dexterous, and universally operative.

    In the brightened educational set-up of India, Indore Institute of Science and Technology (IIST) is that distinguished pedagogical center, which vows to offer knowledge dressed up with all of the pre-stated virtues. In accordance to IIST’s revered director Dr. Joy Banerjee, the principal purpose of IIST is to channelize the energy and potentiality imbibed within every student towards the superlative direction and in making each believe that he/she is fully able.

    Founded in 2003 and recognized by Bhopal’s Directorate of Technical Education, this AICTE-certified academic foundation has committed itself in initiating a novel and most promising sunrise upon the infrastructure of science-based pedagogy in India and become country’s optimum destination for pursuing value-constructed and serviceable technical learning. And for realizing these goals, IIST takes up a very nimble endeavor. It joins hands with celebrated national and international academic institutes and unites with titan professional corporations to serve students with specialized programs and bring for them exquisite opportunities, which are aligned as per the current demands of the industry and are sure to guaranty pure success and a bright future ahead.

    IIST has not only accomplished a separate benchmark for itself in the education world but has also attained valuable expansiveness of collaborations in a time-phase of merely 20 years. While each such association stands to be adeptly worthy for students’ betterment, there are a hand-picked few which turn out to be specifically prize worthy and implicitly fruitful:

    • The alliance with USA’s EC Council (Academia), which allows students at IIST to study at-depth curriculum of Ethical Hacking and decode the know-how of cybersecurity. The aftermath of course’s completion is heightened opportunities to work as an accredited digital crime expert in governmental and corporate bodies.
    • Syncing up with IIT Delhi’s Virtual Laboratory presents all the enrolled students a perk of an effective experimental platform that broadens their learning base and refines the methods of acquiring pragmatic expertise. Facility of Virtual Lab also adds a new dimension to technical education by bringing students close to video classes, digital displays, and self-assessment tests. A brain-child of India’s HRD Ministry, this amenity also eases the path for IIST-ians to gain pricey tools and academic assets that help to overcome any demographic obstacle.
    • The collaboration of IIST with Hong Kong’s Visual Paradigm is a much thumbs-up venture that opens up the most evolved ‘Hi-Tech’ world of this latter organization for IIST students and as a result, they get acquainted with the true essence of scientific and technical progress. As per clauses of collaboration, IIST is empowered to access and archive each and every software creating apparatus for Visual Paradigm and shape own software modeling study module based upon the former’s advanced paradigm.
    • Allying with IIT Mumbai’s ‘E-Yantra’ initiative serves to impart to the learners sound and utilitarian wisdom over Robotic technology and that of installation procedures. This union also aids IIST to organize workshops over Robotic Science and streamline future system engineers with a realistic approach for dealing most pragmatically potential work issues.
    • Participation in HRD’s National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning or NPTEL venture brings for IIST students the study materials and self-learning models that have been refined by the guidelines as set by AICTE and at par with pedagogy practiced at all the seven IITs. NPTEL also offers customized educational videos on a teacher-per student maneuver.
    • IIST has also participated in IIT Madras’s Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education or the QEEE Project, thereby magnifying the ‘class’ of academics prevailing at its premises. As a virtuous outcome of this alliance, IIST-ians are able to take advantage of Live digital classes undertaken by IIT scholars and mentors. They also get the opportunity to behold Live Laboratories and be enlightened over subject-specific experiments undergoing at other educational establishments and professional fields. QEEE also bestows the students of IIST with the serviceability of Bridge Model, which is a pedagogical endeavor that aims to prepare undergraduate students with the conversancy to thrive at research-level studies and polishes raw talent for its best utilization at the official world.
    • IIST has also joined Massachusetts-based EMC² Company’s Academic Alliance endeavor for educating students all across the world over highly vital subjects like Data Storage and Management, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analysis etc. The motive is to help IIST students get an edge over other professionals and augment their employable worthiness.
    • IIST has united with IBM’s Academic Initiative Program to groom the employed faculty with technical strategies and software framework, which are in operation throughout the world. This tie-up further allows IIST to avail IBM’s signature methodologies, software and patented merchandise and in effect construct a state-of-art curriculum and experiment lab with the exact infrastructure maintained at the Corporation.
    • Besides, IIST has also collaborated with TCS’s Academic Interface Venture which in arranges class lectures and skill training by company’s own instructors. IIST is also a prime Indian academic body in where TCS accredited courses are conducted.

    Each of these associations contribute a lot in strengthening IIST’s goal of providing the budding geniuses of the nation with quality technical education and guiding them through the application procedure and in effect empowering them to flourish and succeed in their future ahead.

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